Turkish warplanes attacked positions in northwestern Türkiye and northern Syria.

Last week on Sunday evening, Turkish media reported a massive explosion in Beyoglu neighborhood in Istanbul. The Turkish government stated that this attack was carried out by the PKK terrorist group and said that at least six people were killed and 81 others were injured in this terrorist attack.

News sources have reported that Turkish fighter jets carried out simultaneous airstrikes on PKK positions in northwestern Iraq and SDF militants in northern Syria.

These attacks have targeted locations in different areas, including Ain al-Arab, Tal Rifat, Sinjar and Kobani.

Meanwhile, the Al-Mayadeen news channel, quoting its sources, reported that Turkish fighter jets targeted SDF positions in Syria's Kratchuk mountain and a power plant in the vicinity of Al-Malkiyeh city, located in the northeast of Al-Hakseh.

Turkish fighter jets have also carried out several attacks on the positions of the SDF forces in the vicinity of Ain al-Arab, located on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo.

In addition, the Turkish air force has bombarded the positions of the SDF in "Khafey al-Salem", located in the western region of "Ain Issa" in the north of Raqqa. 219