The head of the Iranian Army has described the failures experienced by the Zionist regime and Daesh and the promotion of resistance in Yemen as a sign of Iran's geopolitics progress, noting that "today we can claim that the era of US hegemony has come to an end in western Asia."

Iran news: According to Iran Press, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi was addressing a ceremony in Tehran marking the 7th anniversary of the martyrdom of Major General Ahmad Tehrani Moghaddam, who was known as the founder of Iran's missile program.

Major General Mousavi said the western Asia has currently turned to become a big exhibition field displaying US failures and defeats which is only part of the fruitage of the martyrs' sacrifice.

Referring to the post-sacred defense era in Iran, the Army Chief said the country and the resistance front have been facing with various threats since the end of the period including Daesh sedition in Iraq and Syria, the massacre of the Yemeni people, psychological warfare in the virtual space and the cowardly sanctions which created many problems for Iran but the country managed to swiftly pass the path to progress.

"The country today is enjoying a determining position in the region," said Major General Mousavi.  

Mousavi said the US was trying to affect regional developments through illegal presence in Syria and within the framework of faraway interference.

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He also added that certain regional countries whose governments are trapped in the Middle Ages have launched the war in Yemen and supported terrorists to deviate the world's public opinion of their illegitimacy.

Mousavi said the enemies are today weaker than any other time, adding that the US under Trump (US President Donald Trump) has destroyed all the Americans had achieved in terms of human rights; the Zionist regime has become frustrated with the Cotton Dome's ineffectiveness; but we are swiftly moving toward the realisation of the revolution's aspirations and the creation of an Islamic civilisation day in day out.  

Iran Army Chief: Army, IRGC jointly secured the country

Meanwhile, Major General Mousavi referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as the two cutting edges of the Velayat sword which have jointly established security across the country.

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He stressed the strengthening of the country's defensive capability and the enhancement of retaliatory deterrence power as among goals to be achieved by cooperation under the commandership of the Leader of revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. 206/103

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