The US media have discussed the mental health of President Joe Biden, casting doubt on whether he is mentally and psychologically fits his post.

Iran PressAmerica: The US newspaper, The Hill, published an article in which it reviewed the former President Donal Trump’s moodiness and unpredictable acts, considering that the case of Biden is much worse.

“We frequently see him, after he has delivered a speech, wander off as if he doesn’t know where he is or where he’s supposed to go. Someone hurries over and takes his arm and points him in the right direction.”

“At times he’s lucid and in control, but at other times he seems baffled and confused. It’s not unusual to see this behavior in older people, and Biden turns 80 this month. While many 80-plus seniors are still intellectually vigorous – famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz, for example, is 84 and still an intellectual powerhouse – Biden isn’t your average senior. He’s the president of the United States with two more years in office, and he’s hinting he wants four more years after that. If that is indeed mental decline we’re seeing, it will likely get worse.”

The paper called for constitutionally removing President Joe Biden, recalling how Democrats threatened to dismiss Trump for the same reason.

“Democrats spent four years waving the 25th Amendment flag at Donald Trump, mostly because they didn’t like him or his policies. It was an exercise in futility that further angered and divided the country. But the day may be coming when the country will have to turn to Section 4 of the 25th Amendment for the good of the nation.”