IP- The deputy head of the Russian delegation to the UN General Assembly’s First Committee on Disarmament, Konstantin Vorontsov, called for punishing the United States for its crimes in Syria and other countries, criticizing the outcry of Washington, London, and Paris over the Russian special operation for protecting the residents of Donbas.

Iran PressEurope: The Russia Today website quoted Vorontsov as saying to a committee meeting: “The United States, Britain and France, who are now screaming the loudest about the Russian special operation, committed aggressive acts against Syria, especially in 2017 and 2018, under false pretexts, and the world must not forget them.”

Vorontsov added: "For example, why not fight US impunity for the assassination of Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani, a high-ranking official in a United Nations member state, during his visit to another United Nations member country."

He considered that the only battle that the European Union countries and other US allies can fight is the struggle for Washington's impunity for its illegal actions.

On the other hand, Vorontsov said: “Western countries are trying to use outer space as an arena for confrontation and carrying out military activities at a time when Russia calls on member states to adopt commitments in favor of a weapon-free outer space.

Yesterday, the United Nations First Committee adopted three resolutions proposed by Russia on activities in outer space. These resolutions call on countries to explore outer space in accordance with international law and to prevent an arms race in the interest of international peace.

They also state that the current system does not prevent the possibility of war in outer space, and urges them to develop a unified plan to address this issue.

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