Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the silence of the so-called advocates of human rights vis-à-vis the terrorist operation in Shiraz which led to martyrdom and injury of some Iranian innocent people.

Iran PressIran News: In his weekly meeting with reporters, Nasser Kanani, the spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the latest developments in the field of foreign policy on Monday.

At the beginning of this press conference, referring to the bitter terrorist crime that happened in Shah Cheragh shrine, Shiraz, he said: "On behalf of myself and all the servants of the noble nation of Iran in the diplomatic apparatus, I once again condemn this terrorist and criminal attack".

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: "I offer my condolences to the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution and the members of the noble nation of Iran and the bereaved families of these dear ones for this tragic incident and the martyrdom of a group of Iranian children. I pray for a speedy recovery of the wounded. The hearts of Iranians these days are with the martyrs and Artin's family. An innocent child who witnessed the loss of his father, mother and 11-year-old brother in this deadly crime with innocent and childlike eyes".

He noted: "Those who claim to be in the garden and consider others to be forest dwellers have caught their tongues and have forgotten the protection of women's rights, human rights and children's rights, and they state things with double standards and simply pass them by, and they forget their role in fomenting violence and disturbance and inciting and creating grounds for such terrorist and bitter actions and ignore their responsibility in this regard".

Kanani sent greetings and salutations to the pure soul of martyr Hajj Qasem Soleimani and said: "If it was not for the prominent role of Iran and this famous general in the fight against ISIS terrorism, the countries claiming human rights would have been involved in the crimes caused by this terrorist movement by this time and the prominent role of Iran and the role of this great Iranian general will be recorded in history in removing this great threat from the Iranian society, and the free people of the world will definitely remember the role of Iran and this Iranian general."

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In response to a question about Western countries' interventions in Iran's internal situation and the statement of the 12 Western and Canadian foreign ministers, the spokesman said: "Unfortunately, during the recent developments in Iran, we witnessed interventionist statements and non-constructive and irresponsible actions, which actually dragged the peaceful requests of part of sections of the Iranian society to riot and unrest and they created unfavorable conditions that even changed the context for hearing the voices of people who had peaceful views and provided the context for the role of violent people. They put the basis of these interventions the protection of women's rights and the rights of minorities."

He said: "In Iran there are Iranian ethnic groups that are all part of the great historical and civilized society of Iran. They are the original components of the great Iranian society."

He said: "Minorities do not matter in Iran and there are Iranian ethnic groups that are all part of the great historical and civilized society of Iran. They are the original components of the great Iranian society. The Westerners talk about women's rights and defending these rights. Such statements are interventionists and combined with hypocrisy and lie. Why didn't those who talk about women's rights pay attention to the unilateral sanctions of the US administration and the support of Europe, that the sanctions without discrimination against the individual Iranian people include Iranian women, girls and children. Where did the European authorities point out that Iranian women and children are also subject to these sanctions without discrimination?

Kanani added: "Their claims today are hypocritical and their statements about Iranian women and ethnic groups are unrealistic and do not match the facts of Iran. Women's rights in Iran are not only derived from laws but also from Iranian history and culture. In Iranian and Islamic culture, women have a distinct and prominent position. This position does not necessarily arise from laws, but rather from the culture and history of Iran.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: "What the Western countries have done in recent days not only did not provide the legal rights of women, but even deprived the Iranian citizens of their right to life, the result of which we saw in the Shah Cheragh terrorist incident, which created chaos and mayhem that an ISIS element sacrifices the lives of dozens of Iranian children, including women and children, in a safe place for his sinister goals. The interventionist positions of these countries were provocative and irresponsible and these actions played a role in creating an atmosphere of chaos.

The spokesman said about the remarks of the German authorities in relation to sanctioning the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC): "If such an action is taken, it will continue the non-constructive and irresponsible actions of these countries in relation to Iran and due to the continuation of their wrong approach in relation to the government and people of Iran. IRGC is the official military institution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and such an action is completely illegal."

He added: "We hope that both the German government and other governments in this field will perhaps pay attention to the results of their non-constructive actions and specifically not sacrifice their own mutual interests for fleeting political interests and emotional decisions."

He also stated about Australia's prevention of the visit of the UN Committee for the Prevention of Torture to the detention centers of asylum seekers: "We saw this in the news. Unfortunately, the Australian government, which is always among the countries that claim supporting human rights and always comments on the events of other countries from the position of a claimant and interventionist country, has been indifferent to the rights of refugees in this country for years and violates their rights. This situation also exists in relation to the situation of the natives, and in the last decade there have been official reports about the violation of human rights in relation to the asylum seekers in this country (Australia)."

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Bilateral ties should not become victims of political issues, approaches

Speaking about holding a meeting of the United Nations Security Council regarding Iran's internal situation and Iran's reaction, Kanani stated: "The meeting is called Arria-Formula, which is an informal meeting in the UN Security Council, and the meeting is held in a hall other than the main hall of the Security Council at the request of the United States and Albania. Its main purpose is to exert political pressure on Iran, and the continuation of the US administration's interventionist activities in connection with Iran's internal developments. Unfortunately, the media empire of the US administration continues to be used in the service of such a goal, and by sanctioning and inverting the facts of Iran, they are trying to provide a political atmosphere for the formation of this meeting, and the interesting thing is that they are asking a number of people with Iranian identity and invite them to speak against Iran in this meeting."

He said: "Javed Rahman's anti-Iranian approach as Iran's Human Rights Special Rapporteur is not ineffective in this field."

In response to a question about whether Iran has provided military equipment, including drones to Russia in recent months, the spokesman said: "Iran does not export weapons to any party, including Russia, for use in the Ukraine war. Iran is against the war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, etc. and believes in the necessity of using political solutions to resolve disputes. All of Iran's diplomatic efforts since the beginning of this crisis until now, contrary to the countries that claim ending the war that project against Iran and export billions of dollars of equipment to one side of the war, have been to try to end the war and use the political mechanism to end this dispute and will continue this policy."

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the countries of the region should consider mutual interests.

Regarding Iran's reaction to the Halloween incident and South Korea's recent interference in Iran's internal affairs, he said: "We have shown a humane response, we do not mix political issues with humanitarian issues. A country with which we had a very good relationship over the past years, but unfortunately, as a result of being influenced by foreign pressure, especially the United States, has acted very irresponsibly in blocking assets from Iran's exports, and has taken an unconstructive and irresponsible position in relation to our internal developments. In this country, in the implementation of a fun celebration and program, with the mismanagement that they spent, nearly 200 people lost their lives and dozens of people were injured. This country cannot teach Iran a lesson in ethics and management in relation to the management of a riot in which foreign governments are on one side. If they knew how to manage, they should have managed this celebration. Unfortunately, five Iranian citizens lost their lives in this incident."

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In response to a question, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: " Bilateral relations and bilateral dialogues should not become victims of political issues and political approaches and emotional decisions. Having bilateral talks with New Zealand is one of our priorities. We are interested in discussing and cooperating with all countries interested in having a constructive relationship based on mutual respect, but we consider hasty and emotional behaviors and decisions influenced by foreign trends to be irresponsible and non-constructive, and we hope that the New Zealand government will provide mutual benefits and look at the relations between the two countries and adopt a constructive approach."

Regarding the functioning of the Iran International TV network, he said: "The diplomatic apparatus has definitely expressed its opinion and view to the Saudi side through diplomatic channels. The performance of this quasi-media is the performance of a war room and operations against the Iranian nation, and its activities are similar to the activities of a terrorist media, and Iran has so far taken measures in various ways and is pursuing additional measures for the legal treatment of this network and its results and will announce at the appropriate time."


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