Al-Khalil (IP) – After an anti-Zionist operation of the Palestinian youth in Al-Khalil, south of the West Bank, a conflict is underway between the Palestinian youth and the Israeli military forces who attacked the West Bank neighborhoods.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Palestinian Resistance anti-Zionist operation was carried out on Saturday night, and one Zionist was killed, and five others were injured.

A Palestinian youth was shot dead by Zionist soldiers in an operation.

After the event, on Sunday, the streets of Al-Khalil were the scene of intense clashes between the Israeli military and Palestinian youth. 

Palestinian youths resisted the Zionist forces with stones and blocked streets with burning tires. The scenes of Resistance in different avenues of Al-Khalil will remain in the history of Palestinian epics.

Zionist soldiers are also targeting Palestinian youth in Al-Khalil with live bullets.

The Zionist soldiers also threatened reporters recording their crimes against Palestinian youth.

The Israeli military arrested several Palestinian youths during street clashes in Al-Khalil.

Zionist forces surround various areas of Al-Khalil. In the meantime, the strike has been formed in support of the Palestinian youth's Resistance and to condemn the crimes of the Zionist regime in the area.

These days, various areas of the West Bank have become the center of Resistance against the occupation of the Zionist regime.

Erin al-Aswad group is the central axis of Resistance in the West Bank. The youth of this group has challenged the Zionist regime with purposeful Resistance.

In an interview with Iran Press reporter in Gaza, a member of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Walid al-Qatati, said that the Erin al-Aswad group is a part of the Palestinian Resistance organization. It is an extension of the Resistance and stability in confrontation with the Zionist regime.

Resistance to fight Israel, even if it lasts for thousands of years

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement emphasized that they would fight against Israel, even If the struggle lasted for a thousand years.

Ziad al-Nakhalah also said on Sunday that "The Zionist society is a murderous and criminal one, therefore, the Palestinian nation must continue to fight, because it defends all human values."

" We will defend our cause, our land, and our belief in the fight against Israel, " al-Nakhalah said, adding, "Our battle with Israel  has taken for a long time and involves many sacrifices, and we must fight for freedom."


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