Bali (IP) – Iranian youth chess players have collected ten colorful medals from various age groups in the 2022 Bali Asian Chess Championship.

Iran PressAsia: The Indonesia youth Asian Chess Championship in boys and girls' sections was held in three classes namely, the standard, the fast and the blitz, from May 12 to 19.

456 participants from across Asia attended the event.

At the end of the tournament, Salma Haratian from Khorasan Razavi in the under-8-year-old group snatched a gold medal in the girls' group.

In the boys' group in the same age group, Kian Qoreishi from Tehran grabbed a silver medal and Kurosh Boland-Nazar from Khorasan Razavi managed to win the bronze medal for the under-8-year-old group.

In the under-8-year-old group of the boys' teams, Kian Qoreishi and Kurosh Nazar-Bolan also won the Asian games' silver medal.

The Iranian team stood 3rd After Vietnam and India in the teams' ranking.

In the last class of the championship, Kian Qoreishi, in the under-eight-year-old, won the gold medal, while Kurosh Nazar-Boland, in the same age group, won the silver medal.

The two Iranian boys also gained the silver medal in the team competitions of the boys' under-eight-year group.

In the under-ten-year group, Ramtin Kakavand from Qazvin grabbed the bronze medal.

Sobhan Zahmati from Khorasan Razavi managed to win the silver medal in the under-sixteen-year group.

Arshia Mohammadian from Isfahan snatched the bronze medal in the blitz class and the under-twelve-year group.


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