The spokesman of the Israeli army confirmed on Friday night that one of its drones has crashed in Nablus.

Iran PressMiddle East: Avichay Adraee claimed that the drone crashed as a result of a technical fault. He claimed that there is no fear of information leakage from this drone.

This is the second drone of the Zionist regime to be shot down in the last 72 hours.

In this regard, earlier, the Hebrew media reported on Wednesday night that an Israeli drone had crashed in the north of Hebron.

It is said that this drone was shot down during a conflict with Palestinian youth in the town of Beit Amr in the north of Hebron.

In recent weeks, the Israeli military force has intensified its aggressive operations against the West Bank, especially the two areas of Jenin and Nablus. Analysts believe that these measures are being taken in order to prevent the beginning of the Palestinian intifada in the West Bank. 219

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