Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani warned on Sunday that Iran will make Trump and his allies understand that Iranian nation never succumb to sanctions and coercion. He said 4 November symbolises resistance to the arrogant powers.

Iran news/ According to an in Iran Press report, speaking at the Parliament public session, the Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijaniwhile expressing his condolences over  occasion of Arbaeen, also appreciated  the hospitality of Iraqi government as well as Iraqi nation  toward Iranian mourners and pilgrims.

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Referring to Leader's remarks on Saturday, in which Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei explained three historic events of Capitulation and Late Imam Khomeini's (RH) brave objection toward it as well as the revolutionary movement of the school students and university students, Larijani called all of them different manifestations of Iranian nations' fight and resistance against arrogant  US behaviour.

Larijani also stressed  the  fact that US has been meddling in Iran's domestic affairs for about 80 years -- a period of time in which successive US administration have  committed all sorts of crimes against the Iranian nation.

Majlis speaker also said the despotic Shah (Iran's last monarch) could not make his own decisions without US permission. For example, replacement of ministers or prime minister could only take place with Washington's permission at the time, and the result of all this was humiliation for the  great nation of Iran, political and economic dependence on United States, and backwardness of the country.

Referring to grave importance of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Larijani said that the Islamic revolution changed the situation all of a sudden and left the Americans disappointed.

Larijani also referred to the different American plots and conspiracies against Islamic Republic of Iran that has been enacted after the victorious Islamic Revolution in Iran, including the assassination  of prominent Islamic revolutionary figures, such as Martyrs Bahonar and Beheshti, and finally the eight-year-imposed war on Iran.

Majlis speaker also called  true recognition of global arrogance and the revolutionary based thoughts as the key to today's success of the Iranian nation, as well as Leader's wise guidance and leadership in confronting criminal USA.

Referring to Donald Trump's position toward Iran, Larijani resembled him to Saddam Hussain in that he is also in constant battle with Iran and said that he has found this surprising that in spite of all of this, Trump is still angry with Iran.

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"Today the Great nation of Iran will make Trump and his allies understand that Iranian nation never succumb," warned Larijani.

He also continued that Today all of the nations even the Europeans are tired of US crimes and even US allies are after some options and solutions for them selves.

Larijani emphasized that The Iranian nation through its last experience know its own way and it will make US mercenaries pay heavy costs.

Referring to the fact that some of the manners and trends of the countries has given way to regional crisis he notified Iran will not forget this.

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Finally Majlis speaker called for the unity among the political factions in the country as well as the unity among three branches of Iran' s government in current critical period of time.

It is noteworthy to mention that  a motion for formation of a special commission within the Majlis to fight sanctions did not receive sufficient backing from parliamentarians.

Furthermore, Mohammad Dehghani with 103 votes and Eynollah Sharifpour  with 100 votes were appointed as "observer members" the representatives for observing members of headquarters dedicated for combating  smuggling  goods and foreign currencies.

Majlis public session  was ended earlier at 10:10 am so that the Iranian parliamentarians could participate in ceremonies and rallies arranged to mark occasion November 4.



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