Tehran (IP)- Iran's President, in his televised interview, which was broadcast live on Iran's IRIB on Wednesday night, called national unity and cohesion a dire need in Iran today, stressing that the enemy has targeted national unity by sowing discord among people.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that the trick of the enemy is to create discord and disturb the national unity and added: " Today, all the people of Iran are aware that our most important strategic issue is to maintain national cohesion and national unity, in no way should the enemy be allowed to distort our national cohesion and unity."

Raisi added: "They want to create differences in organizations and departments. We should be aware that, all our people are aware of this issue."

Ayatollah Raisi continued: Some of the fabricated claims on killing people that the enemy is doing are aimed at disrupting this unity and national unity, so today the issue of national unity and cohesion is one of the most essential and fundamental issues of the country, which must be emphasized so that the enemy like always would fail.

At the same time, he called on the high-ranking officials to increase their tolerance toward the objections adding that there is nothing wrong with any discussion regarding modifying the methods, and the authorities should choose the best way to implement the law.  

President Raisi further stressed transparency and seeking justice in the case of Mahsa Amini's death. Regarding the cause of Mrs. Amini's death, he said: "In yesterday's meeting, I asked my friends about this, and they said that within the next few days, the final Clinical Forensic Medical Report (CFMR) will be announced."

Participating in UNESCO Summit

Ebrahim Raisi also pointed out and stated the academic positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the theoretical positions at the UNESCO meeting, "In this meeting, I talked briefly about the positions of the Islamic Republic, from attention to internal documents such as the fundamental document of education, as well as interaction with all countries and using their experiences."

Referring to his bilateral meetings with the heads of some countries and his participation in scientific and specialized meetings with senior media managers and religious leaders in the United States on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, the President said, "In all these meetings, issues related to the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran were raised."

 Meeting with French President

He stated, "In the meeting we had with Mr. Macron, we discussed nuclear and bilateral issues and the position of the Islamic Republic and what was announced earlier. We announced that a fair and good agreement is completely achievable,, and we are ready for a good agreement, but the agreement must be fair".

Regarding the details of his meeting with the French President in New York, the President added, "The main point we emphasized was that the Americans withdrew from this agreement and the Europeans did not fulfil their obligations. Mr Macron agreed that the Europeans did not fulfil their commitments. I said that this time we should focus on adherence to commitments. Our positions were such that he said that he would go and talk to Americans and Europeans and express our positions to them and inform us about it".

 Raisi emphasized the guarantee of the Western parties to the Islamic Republic to reach a reasonable agreement and stated, "We once witnessed that they withdrew from the JCPOA and did not fulfil their commitments, so we should be careful."

Explaining the other details of his meeting with Mr. Macron, the President said, "I told him that you are negotiating on the one hand and proposing a resolution to the Board of Governors on the other hand, these issues do not go together, and the point I urged Mr Macron was that, as Europe, how much do you follow the Americans? I gave him an example and said that during my trip to France to participate in a conference, a Frenchman said that the life of the building where I sat was longer than the entire life of America, so now why are you following America with this long history? Of course, he said that their position was independent".

Meeting with UN Secretary-General

Referring to the details of his meeting with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Ayatollah Raisi added, "In this meeting Mr Secretary General recognized the high capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran in solving many international and regional issues, and we too announced our readiness in this regard."

The President said, "In this meeting, I also told him that although the United Nations is located in New York, this does not mean that you must be under the influence of the major powers and the United States, and finally, I urged Mr Secretary General to try to make this organization, the organization of nations the organization under the influence of major world powers."

Raisi said in response to the host's other question about whether Mr. Macron had commented on Iran's internal issues in the meeting, "No, there was no discussion on this issue in this meeting and only a general comment was made about human rights, to which I replied that you know very well that today we are in the position of the claimant regarding human rights and attention to human rights issues are not happening because of your positions or demands, but it is in the nature of the Islamic Republic."

Ayatollah Raisi also said in response to another question about the latest status of the nuclear negotiations, "In the latest text presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran, we emphasized on reliable guarantees and the resolution of safeguard issues in order to prevent the western side from violating the agreement and issuing a resolution against the Islamic Republic using political excuses of safeguards."

Membership in SCO connects Iran to Asia's economic infrastructure: Raisi

The President continued, "In the meeting with the French President, despite Mr Macron's attempt to justify the political approach of the International Atomic Energy Agency, I told him that there are many examples of the Agency's politically-inclined stances."

Ayatollah Raisi stated, "I asked him why you are paying attention to the doubts that have been created against Iran's nuclear activities, but when the same Agency confirmed 15 times that there was no deviation in the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, you didn't notice that?"

The President said, "Accordingly, in this meeting, the two principles of resolving safeguard issues and the permanent lifting of sanctions with the possibility of economic benefit of the Iranian nation were emphasized."

The President continued, "I want to tell the dear people of Iran that in all the negotiations I had in Shanghai and New York, there was a great desire to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran. All the heads of the countries I met emphasized working with the Islamic Republic and increasing Iran's exports to their country".

Ayatollah Raisi added, "All of them emphasized that they wanted to work with Iran despite the sanctions that exist for the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is very important for us".

The President noted, "East or West does not matter to us. However, the countries that want to work better have a lot of room for work. All economic actors should try to take advantage of this opportunity that everyone is ready and willing to do economic work and economic and commercial activity with the Islamic Republic". 


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