Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Department of Environment (DoV) says he has requested the country's Foreign Minister and the Minister of Energy to pursue the revival of Hamun Lake's water share.

Iran PressIran News: Hamun Lake, or the Hamoun Oasis, is a seasonal lake and wetlands in the endorheic Sistan Basin in the Sistan region on the Afghanistan–Iran border. 

Numerous seasonal water tributaries feed the Hamun; the main branch is the perennial Helmand River, which originates in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. 

On the sidelines of the cabinets session on Wednesday, September 28, Ali Salajegheh told the reporters that the two ministries must follow up on the actions to retuned the water share of Hamun Lake to the ecosystem. 

Also, about the protection of rear species of wild animals, Salajegheh said the department of environment had reached agreements with the neighboring countries, particularly Turkiye.


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