Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the Sunni Muslim world’s most influential religious scholars, died on Monday at age 96, according to a post on his official Twitter account.

Iran PressAfrica: Born in Egypt in 1926, Qaradawi spent much of his life in Qatar, where he became one of the most recognisable and influential Sunni Muslim clerics in the Arab world..

His death sparked strong reactions across the Muslim world, as people took to social media to mourn his death.

Born in 1926, while Egypt was still under British colonial rule, Al-Qaradawi combined religious education with anti-colonial activism during his youth. 

He moved to Qatar in the early 1960s when he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Qatar University and then later granted Qatari citizenship.

Ibrahim Salah Al-Nuaimi, chairman of the Doha international centre for interfaith dialogue, described Qaradawi as a “moderate, great scholar”.

One of his early famous works was the 1973 book Fiqh al-Zakat (The Jurisprudence of Zakat). Al-Qaradawi also sought to reinterpret historical rules of Islamic law in order to better integrate Muslims in non-Muslim societies.


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