New York (IP) - Foreign Ministers of Iran and Syria discussed the latest developments in Syria and the region.

Iran PressAmerica: According to Iran press, due to the tripartite meeting of the foreign ministers of the Astana process member countries in New York and the presence of the Iranian foreign minister in the meeting, the latest developments regarding the resolution of the Syrian crisis were discussed by "Hossein Amir- Abdollahian" and " Faisal Mekdad, "the foreign ministers of Iran and Syria.

The meeting of foreign ministers of the Astana process countries on the issue of Syria was held on Wednesday local time with the presence of Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov, Turkish's Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Syria Peterson at the Turkish Embassy in The United Nations and on the sidelines of the 77th United Nations General Assembly Summit was held in New York, and the latest developments and political and humanitarian initiatives in Syria were reviewed.

In the meeting, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said: "As in the past, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Syrian crisis has no military solution and that the solution to this crisis will be realized through the political process and in accordance with the principles of international law."

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran emphasized that the end of the occupation and the withdrawal of foreign forces who are illegally present in Syria and full respect for Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity are necessary prerequisites to achieve this goal.

Referring to the importance of the constitutional committee's work and emphasizing the economic and humanitarian situation in Syria and the negative effects of sanctions on the livelihood of ordinary people, Amir- Abdollahian emphasized the need to lift sanctions and remove obstacles and increase humanitarian aid to all Syrians throughout the country.

In the meeting, the foreign ministers, the guarantors of the Astana process, once again emphasized their commitment to observe and respect Syria's independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

The Astana talks started in January 2017 with the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the cooperation of Russia and Turkiye to establish peace in Syria.

As guarantors of the Astana process, Iran, Turkiye, and Russia are trying to solve the Syrian crisis.

The crisis in Syria started in 2011 with a massive attack by terrorist outfits supported by Saudi Arabia, the United States, and their allies to change the equation of the region in favor of the Israeli regime.


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