The press conference of the President of Iran with international media reporters started a few minutes ago in New York

Iran PressAmerica: Seyed Ebrahim Raisi respond to questions on various political and international issues in a press conference with foreign media. 

American, Russian, Chinese and regional media reporters are present at this press conference.

Also, on Thursday morning, local time, the president of Iran had a face-to-face conversation with the senior managers of the American media for 90 minutes at his hotel and patiently answered their various questions.

In this meeting, senior managers of media such as NBC, New Yorker, Guardian, New York Times, El Monitor and Diplomatic were present.

In this press conference with foreign media, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi stated the fundamental political views of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stating: "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is neither East nor West; that is, we do not regulate our political life and affairs under the domination of any power; the basic principle in our foreign policy is not to fall under the domination of powers and not to dominate others."

Iran's president emphasized the government's policy to be a balanced view of all countries and stated that for any country that wants to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, our policy is to interact and cooperate, and also neighboring countries are a top priority.

Regarding the return of the US to JCPOA, Raisi said: "Our government's policy is to participate in negotiations and welcome a good agreement.

Iran's President stated: "If they show adherence to the agreement, the Islamic Republic of Iran will certainly welcome a fair and good agreement."

In response to the Japanese media, the president stated the reason for obtaining guarantees in the agreement with the United States: "Demanding guarantee from the US is due to the experience we have had with the behavior of the Americans, and that shows they immediately withdraw from the contract that is concluded and they do not respect their responsibility for their obligations."

Iranian President stated that the Westerners and the Americans did not adhere to their commitments, adding: "The only party that fulfilled its commitments according to the agency's announcement was the Islamic Republic of Iran, and now how can we say that this agreement would be possible without guarantees."

Iran's president, in response to another question regarding Iran's nuclear issue, said: "We have also officially announced that today the very important issue is the lifting of sanctions and the agreement that is being discussed will not be sustainable if the safeguard cases are not resolved and the Islamic Republic of Iran will always be under threat, and the IAEA can create obstructions under the influence of external powers."

Ayatollah Raisi emphasized that Iran is ready to reach a fair and stable agreement and stated: The prerequisite for this agreement is to provide reassuring guarantees and to close Iran's safeguard cases, and the issue of resolving the safeguard case is one of the main conditions and pillars of the agreement."

At the same time, Raisi added: "The IAEA has always been free to conduct investigations regarding the verification of Iran's nuclear industry, and their cameras have always been monitoring, and they have announced more than 15 times that there were no deviations in our nuclear activities."