The leader of Iraq's Sadr Movement stated that the enemies of the Arbaeen ceremony should be deprived of the opportunity to cause sedition and unrest.

Iran PressMiddle East: This year's Arbaeen is on 26 Shahrivar 1401(Iranian calendar), and Iranian pilgrims are greatly eager to participate in the Arbaeen walking ceremony this year due to the reopening of land borders for the first time after the Covid-19 lockdowns.

In the past years, a large number of Muslims and followers of other divine religions used to walk from the city of Najaf and other Iraqi cities to reach his holy shrine in Karbala paying respect to Imam Hussain (AS).

Moqtada Sadr, the leader of Iraq's Sadr movement, on Tuesday evening, referring to the importance of the Arbaeen ceremony, wrote on his Twitter page: "One should not neglect rituals and holy things; The security of Iraq is a trust on everyone's shoulders."

Earlier, stressing the observance of health care and cleanliness during the Arbaeen ceremony, Sadr asked the officials of Karbala to take over the security and control the checkpoints.

In order to ensure the safety of the Arbaeen pilgrims, the Iraqi army has been stationed on the routes of the pilgrims.

Also, the 110th Division of Iraqi PMU (Popular Mobilization Unit) has undertaken the security of the path of Iranian pilgrims to Karbala province. 219

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