The National Security Adviser of Iraq on Sunday night, describing the challenges that his country is facing, emphasized that terrorism and drugs are the most important ones facing Baghdad.

Iran PressMiddle East: In December 2017, Iraq announced the liberation of all its territories from the clutches of this terrorist group, after about three and a half years of conflict with ISIS, which had occupied about a third of the country.

ISIS remnant elements are still active in areas of Baghdad, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh and Anbar provinces.

Qasim al-Araji, who was speaking at the "Fighting Terrorism, Special Operations and Cyber ​​Security" conference, said that the purpose of this conference was to use global experiences to improve the capabilities of the country's security forces.

The Iraqi official stated that Iraq has won over ISIS, but the remaining forces of terrorists are still present, adding that ISIS and drugs are the biggest challenges that the country is facing.

In the end, Qasim al-Araji considered Iraq an important country in the region and appreciated the statements of officials who called for peace and the preservation of Iraq's integrity.  219

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