Tehran (IP) - The 13th edition of Honoring of Jihad and Resistance literature in Iran, along with the unveiling of the comment of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on a memory book, 'Migrant of Sunland', was conducted.

Iran PressIran News: Migrant of Sunland' is the story of the mother of the Japanese martyr of Iran's Sacred Defense, Kuniko Yamamura, who converted to Islam and named herself Saba Babaei after getting familiar with the Islamic teachings and marrying an Iranian man.

Attending the ceremony held on Wednesday at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB), the Head of IRIB, Peyman Jebelli, described the book as a permanent intermediary link between human thought and soul and the material world,

Jebelli said the book left a prominent impact on human life and was a bridge for connecting cultures with each other.

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He called the mother of Martyr Babaei (Yamamura) a myth and noted that the dramatic life of the respected lady was a true story 

There were many people in our society who were not known in the society, the head of IRIB added.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday with the presence of Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Qomi, head of the Islamic Development Organization, Peyman Jabali, IRIB head, and other officials.


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