Gaza (IP)- Families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails hold their weekly sit-in of support for their children at the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza.

Iran PressMiddle East: As the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist regime began, their families sat in front of the International Red Cross office in Gaza.

The families of the Palestinian prisoners emphasized that the prisoners' strike would continue for two weeks.

The prisoners want to pressure the prison management to implement the agreements regarding improving the conditions. The board of Palestinian prisoners has announced the increase of tensions inside the prisons of the Zionist regime and the strike of Palestinian prisoners.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Zionist regime are harassing the prisoners, violating the March agreement and understanding between the regime and the Palestinian prisoner movement.

Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strike

In response to the violation of the agreement, the prisoners resumed their protest against the cruel actions of the Israelis. The protest was suspended last March.

Dawood Shahab, the senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, told IranPress on the sidelines of the sit-in of the prisoners' families in front of the International Red Cross office in Gaza that the Palestinian nation and the resistance support the hunger strike.

Shahab stated that the Palestinians are united in supporting the prisoners.

About 4,650 prisoners, including 30 women, 180 children, and hundreds of patients, are in Israeli prisons.

Five hundred fifty-one prisoners are sentenced to life imprisonment, and 243 people are sentenced to more than 20 years. 


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