Damascus (IP) - Local sources in Syria reported on Sunday night that American terrorist soldiers, along with Kurdish militias supporting them, have occupied the houses of Syrian citizens in eastern Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Iran press citing the Sputnik News Agency correspondent, based in Deir ez-Zor, reported that the houses in Diban town in Deir ez-Zor have been occupied by American soldiers and Kurdish elements.

This town is located near the Al-Omar oil field, the largest oil field in Syria, where American forces have built their largest unlawful base in eastern Syria.

Informed local sources reported that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Forces, known as QSD, in cooperation with the Americans occupied five houses in the neighborhood of Al-Latwa in the town of Diban, which overlooks the US base on the south side of the Al-Omar oil field.

Following this action, the Arab nomads of this region and several other regions in the east and west of Deir ez-Zor protested against the American elements and blocked the roads.

Thamer al-Hafel, one of the heads of the Al-Aqidat tribe, emphasized that they are against the actions of the American elements and the Kurdish Democratic Forces (QSD) against the nomads of Deir ez-Zor in the outskirts of the city and condemn these actions.

The US has about 28 military bases in eastern Syria, which surrounds Syria's oil and gas resources in a ring.

This is while the Syrian Ministry of Oil announced last week that the American occupying forces and their mercenaries are stealing about 66 thousand barrels of oil from the eastern regions of Syria every day.

Earlier, Bouthaina Shaaban, the Special Adviser of the Syrian President, said that the purpose of the US presence in Syria is to support terrorism and steal the resources of the people of this country.

With the defeat of the ISL terrorist group as the American military arm in Syria, the American forces directly replaced this group and started extracting and stealing Syrian oil from the exact same time instead of ISIS.

The areas under the occupation of American forces and the militias known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) under their support in al-Hasakah and other northern regions of Syria, have always witnessed the protests of Syrian citizens against the presence and terrorist actions of the occupiers and militias against the residents of these areas.

The Syrian government has repeatedly emphasized that these QSD militias and the Americans in the east and northeast of Syria have no other purpose than to loot the country's oil and their presence is illegal.


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