Middle East (IP) - US forces have stolen 398 Syrian oil tankers to send to their bases in Iraq since last Thursday.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US military and their affiliated terrorist elements have been illegally present in the north and east of Syria for a long time. In addition to looting the country's oil resources and wheat, they are taking action against the Syrian people and forces.

According to the Iran Press news agency, citing the Syrian news agency (SANA), the United States sent 65 tankers of Syrian oil to Iraq on Tuesday from the Al-Mahmoudieh crossing, which has built an illegal road for the transit of oil trucks between Syria and Iraq.

SANA added that the American forces, who have taken control of the leading oil and gas fields in Al-Hasakah with the help of the Al-Qaida affiliated militia, are regularly and illegally removing crude oil from Syria.

On Thursday, convoys consisting of 89 trucks carrying stolen oil were sent from the same crossing to the American bases in Iraq, which is part of the many cases of continuous violations of international principles by the United States, which robs nations of natural and other resources and starves nations.

Also, on Sunday, US forces transported a convoy of 144 tankers loaded with stolen oil from Syrian oil fields via the illegitimate Mahmoudiya crossing northeast of Hasaka to the Iraqi territory.

The Syrian government has repeatedly accused the US of stealing Syria's natural resources such as oil, gas, and wheat.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil announced on August 8 that the US and its mercenaries steal an average of 66,000 barrels of Syrian oil daily, which is more than 80% of the country's oil production.

According to this statement, this ongoing crisis has caused direct and indirect damage to the Syrian oil industry, amounting to 105 billion US dollars.


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