Turkiye (IP) - Wining one gold and 2 bronze medals in the 81 kg weight category, the Iranian woman weight-lifter sufficed to stand third place in the 5th edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games 2021 underway, Konya, Turkiye.

Iran PressIran Sports: Elham Hosseini won the gold medal for lifting the 100 kg weight in the snatch and set her record; she failed to lift the 103 kg in the snatch to improve her record. 

Still, Hosseini managed to lift the 123 kg weight in the clean and jerk, but she failed to lift the next weight, 127 kg, therefore winning the bronze. In the total weight lifting pints, she stood third, winning bronze. 

The Turkish and Kazakh female athletes also stood first and second, respectively.  

Six female weight lifters took part in this category, from Iran, Turkiye, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan (two athletes), and Yemen.

The 5th edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games 2021 kicked off in Konya, Turkey, on August 09 and will continue until August 18. Iran has participated in competitions with more than 240 athletes in 16 disciplines.