Tehran (IP) – Iranian Intelligence Ministry on Wednesday issued a statement revealing new information on the detained Mossad spy team in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Iran’s Intelligence Ministry recently captured a network of agents working for Mossad.

In its statement, the ministry revealed that the goal of Zionist-affiliated terrorists was to blow up a vital Iranian defense industry center which the Zionists had schemed the most complex combined methods to carry out their mission.

The operational elements of the team are members of the terrorist and mercenary group ‘Komalah’, who were directly selected for this mission by the group’s chieftain and introduced to the Mossad officers.

According to the statement, the amount of equipment confiscated from the terrorists was so great that it was impossible to carry them directly by the operational team members.

Some of the weapons and equipment seized from the terrorists include eight powerful bombs for blowing up the primary target and eight small bombs for destroying the team’s equipment after the main operation, special technical tools for disrupting the control systems of the target environment as well as for remote detonation, and complete set of make-up tools, wigs and tools for changing fingerprints.


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