Commentary(IP)- In a meeting with the Russian President, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that world events underline the need for Iran and Russia to increase their cooperation.

Iran PressCommentary: Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, during the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his accompanying delegation on Tuesday evening, considered the economic cooperation between Iran and Russia to be necessary and beneficial to both countries, especially in the wake of Western sanctions.

Dollar must be removed from global transactions 

By confirming the policy of replacing national currencies in the relations between the two countries and using other currencies instead of the dollar, the Leader said: "The dollar should be gradually removed from global transactions, and this is possible gradually."

Cooperation with Russia, long-term, comprehensive

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia, opponents of unilateralism in the international arena, are under economic sanctions from the West, especially the United States, respectively, on the pretexts of the peaceful nuclear program and the crisis in Ukraine. Despite this, the development of commercial cooperation, the expansion of the long-term partnership, and the removal of some obstacles and efforts to neutralize sanctions are seriously on the agenda of the Iranian and Russian authorities.

Among the plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia to neutralize the sanctions is using the financial transaction system outside SWIFT and alternative currencies to the dollar. Tehran and Moscow have reached preliminary understandings, which are expected to be implemented shortly.

In his meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Putin, referring to the US' misuse of the dollar to impose sanctions and loot other countries, considered this to be ultimately detrimental to them and the cause of weakening global trust in this currency and the movement of governments to use alternative currencies and noted: "Russia and Iran are designing new ways to use national currencies in the relations between the two countries."

Americans should be forced to leave Syria

In the meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei also called the issue of Syria very important and stressed the position of the Islamic Republic of opposing a military attack on this country and the need to prevent it, stating: "Another important issue regarding Syria is the occupation of oil-rich areas of east of the Euphrates by the Americans, which should be resolved by expelling them from that area."

The presence of rich oil and gas reserves and vital and strategic crossings have given a particular and sensitive position to the region east of the Euphrates of Syria. The role of this region in the geographical connection of Syria with Iraq, and on the other hand, its border with southern Turkey and the presence of Kurds there, is one of the reasons for the Americans' serious attention to this region of Syria.

Most of the US bases in Syria are concentrated in the region east of the Euphrates, and the essential Al-Tanf base is also located in the border triangle between Syria, Iraq, and Jordan; the United States uses this military presence to organize the movements of terrorists, to smuggle stolen Syrian oil, and to intensify pressure on Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran as the two supporters of the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad.

This is despite the fact that the people and the government of Syria have repeatedly opposed this occupation, and they have emphasized the necessity of American forces' withdrawal from the territory of this country.

Obviously, from the point of view of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the withdrawal of American forces from Syria is necessary, and the territorial integrity of this country must also be preserved. Iran also considers the political solution the only solution to reduce Turkey's security concerns in northern Syria.

Iran, Russia share common views on Syrian issues

The President of Russia also confirmed the positions of the Leader of the Revolution regarding the Caucasus region and called the positions of his country and Iran on the Syrian issue, including the opposition to the military attack on the north of this country, completely compatible with each other and said: "The region east of the Euphrates should be under the control of the Syrian military forces."


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