Tehran (IP) - The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Updating Designations Regarding American Officials and Individuals Supporting the MKO Terrorist Group.

Iran PressIran news: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with the Law on Countering Violations of the Human Rights and Adventurous and Terrorist Acts of the United States in the Region, in particular Article 4 of the Law, designates the following American individuals and officials for their deliberate support of the MKO terrorist group through participation in the terrorist group's gathering, acknowledging their terrorist acts and causes as well as providing political and propaganda support to the group.

Throughout the recent decades, the MKO terrorist group, by organizing and perpetrating countless terrorist acts, have martyred more than 17000 innocent civilians, particularly women and children. Despite the terrorist nature and atrocious terrorist acts of Monafeghin, as well as its violent terrorist and military activities, the United States government continues to support this terrorist group and has maintained its double standards and hypocrisy in this regard.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, recalling the international obligations in desisting and refraining from, among others, facilitating and encouraging terrorist acts, reiterates that the policy and practice of the United States government in supporting the MKO terrorist group is in violation of the above-mentioned obligation and constitutes internationally wrongful acts entailing the international responsibility of the said government.

In the light of the above and considering the provisions of the Law on Countering Violations of the Human Rights and Adventurous and Terrorist Acts of the United States in the Region, all relevant national authorities will take appropriate measures for effective implementation of the sanctions stipulated in the Act.

Updating Designations regarding American Officials and Individuals Supporting the Monafeghin Terrorist Group:

1. Mike Pompeo 

2. Robert Torricelli 

3. Rudy Giuliani 

4. Joseph Isadore "Joe" Lieberman 

5. Robert Joseph 

6. Michael Mukasey 

7. Louis Freeh) 

8. John Robert Bolton 

9. Marc Ginsberg 

10. John M." Jack" Keane 

11. Charles F. Wald 

12. Nathan A. Sales 

13. Lincoln Bloomfield 

14. Mary Landrieu 

15. Frances Townsend 

16. Gen. James T. Conway 

17. Deborah Lee James 

18. Gary Faye Locke 

19. Patrick Kennedy 

20- Linda Chavez 

21. Mitchell Reiss 

22. Joe Donnelly 

23. Bill Ritter, Jr 

24. Steve Bullock 

25.Philip Noman " Phil Bredesen 

26. Timothy M. Boras 

27. Theresa Payton 

28. Donna Lease Brazile 

29. James Logan Jones Junior 

30. Pete Sessions 

31. Raul Ruiz 

32. Nicole Malliotakis 

33. Mario Diaz Balart 

34. Angie Craig 

35. Brad Schneider 

36. Thomas Earl "Tom" Emmer 

37. French Hill 

38. Sheila Jackson-Lee 

39. Brian Fitzpatrick 

40. Judy Chu 

41. Scott Perry 

42. Donald John Bacon 

43. Gwus Michael Bilirakis 

44. Kelly A. Ayotte 

45. Hakeem Jeffries 

46. Kevin McCarthy 

47. Brad Sherman 

48. Joe Wilson 

49. Dean Philips 

50. Cory Booker 

51.Roy Blunt 

52. Maggie Hassan 

53. Joni Ernst 

54. John Boozman 

55. Doug Jones 

56. Ted Cruz 

57. John Cornyn 

58. Thom Tillis 

59. Rick Scott 

60. Robert " Bob" Menendez 

61. Jeanne Shaheen


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