Iran's national youth freestyle wrestling team wins the Asian championship with 8 gold medals and 1 silver medal and 228 points.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iranian wrestlers claimed 8 gold medals and 1 silver medal and 228 points with a difference of 43 points from the second team, the Iranian team was able to stand on the roof of Asia with complete authority and set a historical record. Indian team ranked second and third with 185 points and Kazakhstan with 148 points.

In these competitions for Iran, these wrestlers won gold medals: Armin Habibzadeh in 61 kg weight, Hossein Mohammad Aghaei in 70 kg weight, Irfan Elahi in 74 kg weight, Soban Yaari in 79 kg weight, Arif Ranjbar in 86 kg weight, Mobin Azimi in 92 kg weight, Amir Ali Azarpira in 97 kg and Salar Habibi in 125 kg. Also, Reza Momeni won the silver medal in 57 kg. 219

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