The Secretary-General of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement on Wednesday night said that the Saudi coalition is focusing on Al-Jawf province and is trying to occupy and dominate it with the help of traitors, and mercenaries.

Iran PressMiddle East: Yemen had been since March 2015 under brutal aggression by the Saudi-led coalition before a UN-brokered truce took into effect on April 2, 2022. Tens of thousands of Yemenis were injured and martyred in Saudi-led strikes, with the vast majority of them being civilians.

According to al-Masira, Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi pointed out the Saudi coalition's goal of occupying Al-Jawf province and added: "The coalition knows well that this province is rich in oil and seeks to plunder its wealth to prevent the progress of the Yemeni nation."

He stated that the enemy wants Al-Jawf province to remain insecure so that its residents cannot achieve agricultural and civil development, and noted: "The enemy has targeted Al-Jawf like other provinces of Yemen by distributing drugs and their trade."

He considered Jouf province as one of the best provinces in Yemen for planting wheat and added that all the conditions for this work are available.

Al-Houthi said that Al-Jawf province can play a significant role in agricultural production and wheat planting as the global food crisis continues. 219