The US President says Ukraine is “very likely” to join the European Union.

Iran PressEurope: US President Joe Biden predicted Monday that Ukraine is “very likely” to join the European Union — but added that he probably won’t visit the war-torn country anytime soon to show support.

“I think that’s very likely to happen,” Biden told reporters in Delaware about the possibility of EU membership for Kyiv after the European Commission, the bloc’s executive branch, voted Friday to make Ukraine an EU candidate, New York Post reported.

However, when asked whether he’s planning to visit Ukraine, Biden replied “that depends” on “a lot of things.”

Biden then said that he’s “not likely” to visit Ukraine as part of upcoming trips to Germany, Spain, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Germany, France, Italy, and Romania say they back Ukraine’s candidacy for membership in the European Union, despite Russia’s strict opposition to the prospect.


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