A member of the Bundestag committee on climate protection and energy said in an interview with Izvestia that Russia had always been a reliable and inexpensive energy exporter and that it would be good to continue having Russia as one, while the EU sanctions and embargo hurt Germany and not Russia.

Iran PressEurope: Steffen Kotre said the partial oil embargo was also harmful to his country’s economy. German industries are already facing limitations amid soaring energy prices, and deindustrialization will likely accelerate, he predicted.

Some mid-sized businesses have said they would have to increase their prices by 20-30% due to energy costs, which will hamper their competitiveness against foreign rivals, he said.

Speaking of Russian gas, the Bundestag committee member said Germany wouldn’t be able to do without it. Alternative suppliers are available, yet it will take time to secure a full-fledged replacement, since gas exporting countries have long-term contracts with other customers, and it would take a couple of years to find new suppliers, and they will charge higher prices too, he said.

Though Kotre is not aware of what could await Nord Stream 2, judging from the recent irrational moves by the German government acting against its own interests, he dared to assume the pipeline would not be used for years to come.

Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine is being used for an accelerated transition to renewable energy, Kotre said.

The EU’s harmful Green Deal is being promoted as well as carbon taxes and the WEF-led idea of a Great Reset, which implies a sustainable economic recovery from the pandemic. The economy is being restructured to a planned one that would amount to wealth, democracy, and jobs being dismantled and the EU’s role would gradually fade away, the German politician said.