Iraq (IP) – Iraqi sources reported that the army had confronted and repelled an ISIS attack in Diyala Province.

Iran PressMiddle East: An Iraqi military source was wounded during the clashes, a security source told Alsumaria.

ISIS launched the attack at a security base affiliated with the Iraqi Army's 1st Brigade Commando Unit in northeastern Diyala.

The number of casualties has not been announced yet.

Iraqi security forces continue to search, chase and cleanse ISIS remnants throughout their country to ensure that its fugitive elements do not reappear.

In December 2017, after nearly three and a half years of fighting with the ISIS terror outfit, which occupied about a third of Iraq, the Iraqi government announced the liberation of all its territories from ISIS hands.

The remaining ISIS elements are still active in some parts of Baghdad, Saladin, Diyala, Kirkuk, Niveneh and Al Anbar provinces.


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