One-third of the world population does not use the Internet, even though 95 percent of the world’s population sits within range of a mobile broadband network, the Global Connectivity Report 2022 has revealed.

Iran PressAmerica: According to the findings, at least 390 million people have no possibility to connect to the Internet. One in three individuals who could theoretically go online choose not to do so because of high costs, lack of devices, or other reasons.

"Five percent of the world’s population cannot connect to the Internet. In Africa, the share is 18 percent," the report highlighted. "A further 32 percent of people on the planet (49 percent in Africa) are within range of a broadband network but are not online, due to lack of affordability, lack of access to a device, and/or lack of awareness, skills, or purpose."

The coronavirus pandemic prompted a significant uptake in Internet usage for those who were "privileged enough” to be connected. For others, the pandemic "exacerbated the cost of digital exclusion”.

The report also stressed that addressing issues like cybercrime, invasion of privacy, harmful content, and the outsized power of large companies remains a priority on the “journey to universal and meaningful connectivity."