Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Sports and Youth said that the Canadian football federation mentioned the region's geopolitical situation and the status quo as the reason for its cancelation of the Iran-Canada football match.

Iran PressIran News: The Canadian government announced the friendly match with Iran's football team was canceled.

The match was scheduled to be held on June 6 in Canada, and the Iranian federation had taken the necessary measures for visa issuance. 

Hamid Sajjadi told Iran Press on Wednesday that it was the first time a sports federation used such a term to justify the cancelation of a match.

"While all around the world politics is said to be separated from sports, the Canadian federation has used political words to justify the cancellation of this friendly meeting."  

In reaction, the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent two letters to the Football Federation of Canada and was waiting for a response, he added.

Sajjadi stressed that Canada should know that Iran was the 21st football team globally and the top team in Asia, and Iran Football's team should not treat that way. 

The Iranian minister of sports and youth also pointed to the preparing camp of the national team in Qatar, saying all programs have been scheduled and decisions have been made.


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