Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Department of Environment elaborated on efforts to contain the dust storms in the region.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the weekly cabinet session, Ali Salajegheh referred to his meeting with the Iraqi Mister of Environment and Prime Minister for the consultations over the dust storms issue and the regional initiative of the Islamic Republic to solve the problem.

The dust storm, which is the first consequence of Turkey's construction of the Great Dam, has polluted the skies of some of Iran's western neighbors in recent days, including Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. 

Salajegheh said both sides agreed to create a sense of conformity to address the issue, reporting A memorandum of understanding that was supposed to be signed on July 12. 

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He said such an MoU was signed in Syria and implemented through piloting in Deir ez-Zur.

The meetings between the ministers of agriculture and energy and other relevant executive agencies of Iran and Syria were held, and expert panels were also scheduled to be on the agenda. 

The Head of Iran's Department of Environment assessed the results of the meetings positively in the fight against the dust storms and promised further discussions with other countries to have practical approaches to solve the issue.

The recent dust mass first engulfed large parts of Iraq and Syria and then entered Iran.

The dust storms have killed scores of people in parts of Syria and Iraq and sent thousands to hospitals due to their respiratory problems.  


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