Tehran (IP)- The First Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan met with the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Chairman of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: Shahin Mustafayev, who is visiting Iran for the second time, stressed that his country attaches great importance to the visit of Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development,  Rostam Ghasemi, to the Republic of Azerbaijan and that these trips are due to the will of the two governments to expand relations.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan said, "I must mention the importance of the meeting between President Aliyev and Mr. Raisi in Ashgabat, after which many talks between the two sides progressed."

"Mr. Aliyev attaches great importance to the development of relations with Iran and during his visit to the liberated lands, he called the Iranian border the border of friendship and brotherhood," Mustafayev added.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan also said that his country appreciates Iran's stance in the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Aliyev stresses boosting cooperation with Iran

The Azeri official added that Iran's position in the Nagorno-Karabakh war was evident. All officials and the Supreme Leader wanted to preserve the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, which deserves appreciation.

Shahin Mustafayev also said that transit was an important agenda for his visit. He was scheduled to meet with the ministers of foreign affairs, energy, oil, and the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

Astara Chay border bridge, Astara railway dock, Nakhchivan road, and Pars Abad Qamishli railway will be among the negotiations between the Iranian and Azerbaijani sides.

Also, in the meeting, the Iranian Minister of Roads Rostam Ghasemi, referring to the brotherhood of the two countries, said: "There are issues between water, electricity, industry, and oil between the two countries, but a very important issue between the two countries is transit."

The minister emphasized that there has always been a positive atmosphere in the meetings between the officials, and good memorandums have been signed. Rostam Ghasemi announced Iran's readiness to sign a contract to construct the Zangezur corridor (connecting Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan through Iran). 


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