Qamsar (IP) - Every year, the purest rose water in the world is produced in Qamsar, Kashan, and sent to Saudi Arabia for the perfume ceremony of the Kaaba.

Iran Press/ Iran news: If you have traveled to Ghamsar city of Kashan, located in Isfahan province, in May, you will notice the pleasant aroma of Damask rose that is scattered in the space. Every year in the second half of spring, Ghamsar hosts domestic and foreign tourists who travel to this city to get acquainted with how to prepare rose water and to be able to prepare them directly from rose water producers and other quality traditional products.

But at a corner of the city, rose water is prepared uniquely; a kind of rose water that ordinary people cannot find in any store, and it's the purest rose water in the world.

Leader's representative in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs in Kashan, Seyyed Ali Mousavian, has been preparing this particular rose every year since 1993 and sending it to Saudi Arabia for the washing and perfuming ceremonies of the House of God.

In an interview with Iran Press, Mousavian said that the Kaaba is deodorized twice a year; Once on the first of Sha'ban and the second time on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah, which coincides with the day of Arafa, which is used in the house of God in these two stages, and along with changing the curtain, this holy place is filled with perfume using pure Qamsar water rose.

According to him, 80 liters of this unique and pure rose water is delivered to the person in charge of the two holy shrines every year, and 40 liters of it is used for washing and perfuming the Ka'aba each time.

This is a family tradition. Mousavian says that rose-picking has taken place in their family from generation to generation, and now his son is doing rose-water making under his supervision. Explaining Rosewater making process for the Ka'aba, Mousavian's son told Iran Press correspondent:

The Rosewater-making process, done in a completely traditional way, takes 12 hours each time. He added: "During this process, the first 40 kilos of Damask rose from Ghamsar area are poured into a special pot for making rose water mixed with the same amount of water, resulting in 40 liters of 40 kg rose water."

In the second stage, another 40 kilos of Damask rose with 40 liters of rose water is poured into the pot and solid. Pure rose water is prepared with a dose of 80 kilos, and a total of 80 liters is ready for washing and deodorizing the Ka'aba.

Referring to the difference between this pure rose water and the ones available in the market, Mousavian Javan said: "The highest quality rose water available in the market is the result of combining 30 kg of Damask rose with water, while the rose for the Kaaba is the result of combining 80 kg of flowers with water and rose water which is done in two steps.


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Photo: Mojtaba Darabi
Photo: Mojtaba Darabi
Photo: Mojtaba Darabi
Photo: Mojtaba Darabi
Photo: Mojtaba Darabi
Photo: Mojtaba Darabi