Tehran (IP) – On June 19, 2018, Iran unveiled a 1,300-horsepower diesel engine in two types of diesel and dual-fuel on the sidelines of a railway transport exhibition.

Iran PressIran News: The Iranian diesel engine has a wide range of applications in rail, road, naval, oil, power and military applications. The Defense Ministry, as one of the major operators of this type of engine in the military field, pays particular attention to its use, especially in the Navy and Ground forces.

The 1,300-horsepower diesel engine is totally home-made.

Iran's army uses this engine in tanks and heavily armored vehicles, and the navy uses it in large patrol boats, fast vessels and frigates.

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Typically, up to 2 engines of this type can be installed on the new generation of Iranian speedboats, and a total of two 1300 hp propulsors will provide a total power of about 2600 hp for the desired vessel. The power of the two 1300 hp engines provides the IRGC rocket launchers with high speeds. The recreational and civilian boats up to about 600 tons can be equipped with two 1300 hp engines to move at low speeds.

In the armored section of the armed forces, the provision of propellants for the tank fleet of the army is one of the old problems in Iran. In general, the combination of Russian, American and British tanks in the armed forces mainly use engines with less than 1000 hp. By using the indigenized diesel engine with a power of 1300 hp in the armored sector, tanks and semi-heavy armored vehicles, the armed forces would see a big leap in armored vehicle capabilities.


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