Palestine (IP) – Zionist occupation forces stormed Jenin city in Palestine's West Bank on Sunday morning, injuring two Palestinians.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Zionist regime is attacking the oppressed people of Palestine, martyring, injuring, or arresting them every day under various pretexts; The Palestinians are also carrying out anti-Zionist operations in response to these crimes.

Moreover, Tensions between Israeli forces and the Palestinians have risen sharply in recent weeks following repeated attacks on Israeli cities that have left 15 dead, the Times of Israel reported.

The Zionist army attacked Jenin city in the West Bank, breaking out brutal clashes with the Palestinians. Eyewitnesses said that the Zionists used tear gas against the Palestinians, according to the report.

The attack left two Palestinians wounded.

According to a Palestinian data center, 23 Palestinians were shot dead by Zionist militants in various parts of the occupied territories within the last month.

In April, also more than 1,600 Palestinians were wounded in clashes with the occupiers, according to the data center.


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