The new Pakistani Prime Minister stressed the need for strengthening bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressAsia: Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday, "Iran is our brotherly Islamic country and we want good relations with it."

The newly-elected Pakistani Prime Minister stated that strengthening ties with neighboring countries was the cornerstone of his government's foreign policy.

"Islamabad wants to further strengthen bilateral relations with Iran, especially in the economic and trade sectors," he added.

He also noted the country's determination to develop friendly relations with other countries in the region and said that the progress of the region depends on coordination and communication between countries in the region.

"In today's world, diplomatic relations are heavily influenced by economic interactions and trade relations, so we will work to improve our bilateral relations with countries in the region and beyond," said Shahbaz Sharif.

Regarding relations with China, he said: "These relations are deeply rooted in mutual trust and will not be affected in any way by the two countries' relations with their other economic partners."

He stressed that Pakistan still wants to improve relations with India.

On relations with the United States, he said: "Although relations between the two countries have been tumultuous and in some cases overshadowed by differences, Pakistan still wants a stable relationship based on mutual interests with Washington."