Secretary of Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council, Kazem Gharibabadi

Tehran(IP)- Vice-President of Iran's Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary of the I.R of Iran's High Council for Human Rights criticized the political case against an Iranian citizen and his anti-human rights treatment.

Iran PressIran News: Kazem Gharibabadi, said: "The arrest of Hamid Nouri, an Iranian national, at Stockholm airport (November 9, 2019) indicates collusion between the Swedish judiciary and the MKO terrorist outfit."

Criticizing the action of the Swedish government and judiciary, Secretary of the I.R of Iran's High Council for Human Rights said: "Without conducting a thorough investigation, the Swedish prosecutor requested a court order for Nouri's arrest and detention, based on mere statements and false memories of several members of the MKO terrorist group."

Gharibabadi stated that the presumption of innocence and the right to freedom of movement of this Iranian citizen was violated by the Swedish authorities, adding: "It took 21 months from the time of Nouri's arrest to the completion of the so-called investigation and indictment, during which time the Iranian national was held in solitary confinement."

He also said: "During the period of about 2 years after the arrest of this Iranian citizen, despite the fact that the family of this Iranian citizen had traveled to Sweden twice, the Swedish authorities did not allow them to visit."

Stressing that the Swedish government should be held accountable for its policy of supporting terrorist groups such as Al-Ahwaziyah and the MKO, Gharibabadi added: "Sweden has become a center in Europe to direct terrorist acts against Iran."


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