A senior adviser to Afghan president and the head  of an Afghan commission  visiting the Iranian city of Chabahar stressed the fact that Afghanistan wants to learn from Iranian experts and their experiences regarding open market economic systems .

Iran Press /Iran:  Senior adviser to Afghan President  and the head  of the  commission  for Economic development  of Afghan airports,  Mohammad Davood Sultanzay in an interview with reporters  described the purpose of his visit to port city of Chabahar in southeastern Iran.  Sultanzay said: "We want to learn from Iranian experts and their experiences of open market economic systems.The top Afghan official went on to say that Chabahar free trade zone is very important to Afghanistan, because of its strategic position and key role in trade, transit of goods, and import and export of commodities.

Sultanzay added:  "Existing connections among Afghanistan, Chabahr , and central Asia  as well as having access to Indian market is vital for the regional economy."

Referring to the importance of water as a vital natural resort, Sultanzay said all humans have the right to access clean drinking water,  and went on to compare  water with oil.  Sultanzay said both are subject to international laws and regulations and agreements.


Afghan  president's  senior adviser  went on to conclude that   the governments are the only guardians of these natural resources and no one has the right to use them as a political tool, or to put pressure on people.

Earlier on 4 August 2018 , the transportation ministers of Iran and Afghanistan met  and pledged to decrease costs in a move to develop road and rail transit between the two countries.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country between Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan. The Chabahar port, which lies on the Sea of Oman, provides the closest and safest transit channel to Afghanistan as so far India has sent three cargo ships of wheat and grains to the port to be trucked to Afghanistan.



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