Tehran (IP) - The Italian Embassy in Iran hosted a virtual business forum on February 22 in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency office in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: The Forum shed light on opportunities in Iran for Italian companies in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dental equipment, and food supplements.

The event was attended by the two countries’ main sectoral trade and professional associations, as well as over 100 Italian and Iranian companies and the bilateral Chambers of Commerce of Rome and Tehran.

In his opening remarks the Italian Ambassador in Tehran, Giuseppe Perrone, indicated that the initiative is part of an already fruitful bilateral collaboration in the healthcare sector. The donation by Italy to Iran of 2.25 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses against COVID-19 and the cooperation agreements among hospitals and research institutes of the two countries are among the latest and most significant examples. Amb. Perrone went on to stress the points of strength of Italy’s pharmaceutical and medical devices industry in terms of production value, innovation capacity, integration with academia, and eco-sustainable approach. 

In thanking Italy for its timely support to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its excellent cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, the representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Health stressed the joint accomplishments so far achieved with Italy as well as Iran’s readiness to support mutual exchanges and develop joint initiatives in the area of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. 

The ensuing discussion highlighted the untapped potential for further growth of bilateral relations in the healthcare sector. Companies of both countries underlined their wish to intensify bilateral trade and investment ties and singled out specific opportunities for joint action. 

Different avenues for cooperation have been explored, not only in terms of import-export but also of partnership agreements and joint ventures. Best practices experienced in this field by Italian companies with decades of experience in Iran and their Iranian counterparts have also been shared.

Looking ahead with a view to further expanding trade opportunities, the Italian Trade Agency is coordinating the participation by Italian companies in IranHealth, a fair dedicated to medical devices, dental equipment, and the pharmaceutical industry, to be held in Tehran from the 23rd to the 26th of the coming month of May.


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