Abuja (IP) - Muslims in Nigeria under the umbrella of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria staged a protest immediately after Friday prayer at the National Mosque in Abuja, capital of the country, to denounce Saudi-led coalition act of murder against people of Yemen.

Iran PressAfrica: The protesters were holding placards and banners chanting slogans for the support of oppressed Yemenis.

"Allahu Akbar; we are all Yemenis, we support Yemen, no to genocide, no to the massacre," the protestors chanted.

Adam A Rogo is one of the protesters. He told Iran Press that they decided to conduct the protest at the National Mosque because they wanted their voice against the Saudi terrorism in Yemen to reach the whole world. The Nigerian president, top Government officials, and World diplomats pray at the National Mosque; therefore, by protesting there, the world would know that Nigerians are against the Saudi war against humanity in Yemen.

Adam A Rogo said what encouraged them to come out to protest was the last week statements of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, during an online international conference on the dimensions of aggression in Yemen, where he denounced the silence of the world on the oppressions of Saudi led coalition on innocent people of Yemen.


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