Tehran (IP) – Boraq is one of the armored personnel carriers made by Iran's Defense Industries Organization and is of the amphibious type, which has a higher level of protection than other APCs of its class.

Iran PressIran news: Boraq armored personnel carrier has high mobility, can cross obstacles and uneven roads at high speed, and perform heavy maneuvers at high speeds.

This APC is, in fact, the Iranian model of the BMP-1 and is produced by Iran's Defense Industries Organization under the license of the Chinese manufacturer of Type 86 infantry fighting vehicle in several models, including personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, and mortar launching technical vehicle.

Type 86 with the export name YW-501 is a Chinese copy of the BMP-1, which entered military service in the Soviet Army in 1966 as the first infantry fighting vehicle.

The production of the Chinese model of this APC started in 1986, and the production of the Iranian model began in 1997 according to the order of 1996, and by 2010 about 250 units were made.

The main difference between Type 86 and the BMP-1 is reducing weight and increasing its maximum speed on the road. Boraq is based on Type 86, which is taller and lacks a turret.

The main difference between Boraq and BMP-1 and Type 86 is the use of DShK heavy machine guns instead of cannon as the primary weapon, which reduces its direct combat power and thus places it in the category of armored personnel carriers.

The BMP-1 and Type 86 use the 73 mm cannon as the primary weapon and the 9M14 Malyutka (the "Red Arrow" missile in Type 86) as the anti-tank weapon, but Boraq original model is equipped with the DShK 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Of course, one of Boraq's models uses the turret of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, which is equipped with a 30 mm cannon.

The body of this 13-ton APC is made of steel alloy with a diameter of 5 to 19 mm, which can withstand 12.7 mm bullets, and the rubber shoes in its sprocket wheels create good traction.

Boraq is equipped with communication and navigation systems with at least a 40 km range. This APC uses the BF8L diesel engine, which is a German engine and was probably purchased from a Chinese production line. This air-cooled V-shaped diesel engine with a turbocharger produces 330 horsepower and delivers a speed of 65.5 km/h on smooth roads for Boraq. Boraq's maximum range is 625 km if the fuel tanks are full.

Boraq also has the capacity to carry 12 passengers, of which one is a driver, one is a DShK operator, and 10 are passengers.

Boraq can cross obstacles up to a height of 0.7 meters and a slope of 30 degrees, and a side slope of 25 degrees. Its primary weapon is a DShK, the rate of fire of which is 600 bullets per minute. The turret of this personnel carrier, while having armor protection, can rotate entirely in the horizontal plane and up to 78 degrees in the vertical plane. This APC is equipped with a system that produces thick smoke to hide on the battlefield.

Different models of Boraq APC

The command model can act as a mobile command station on the battlefield. This personnel carrier, which has better protective armor than other models, can play a decisive role in war scenarios and the protection of battlefield commanders.

The mortar launching model can carry and fire 120 mm mortars, which can fire 50 mortar rounds in all directions. The mortar's mobility and high firing rate in this APC create a unique capability in asymmetric and irregular battles.

Boraq APC with Toofan anti-tank missile is a kind of anti-tank missile moving site due to the amphibious nature of the personnel carrier, high mobility, and crossing obstacles.

The anti-aircraft model called Cobra can be equipped with a 23 mm anti-aircraft gun and provides a suitable cover to protect its forces against the attacks of enemy aircraft flying at low altitudes.

The ambulance model is designed and built for fast transport and evacuation of the injured behind the conflict lines and has four beds. This model is equipped with medical facilities such as artificial respiration, echocardiography, orthopedic equipment, first aid, and air conditioning.


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