Coinciding with Western and NATO efforts to bolster military action against Russia, claiming a possible clash in Ukraine, news sources reported that Dutch F-35 fighter jets had been sent to Bulgaria.

Iran PressEurope: Amid NATO tensions with Russia over Ukraine and efforts by Western countries to send military aid to Kiev, the Russian Defense Ministry announced an exercise near the coast of Ireland.

Russia plans to hold a live ammunition drill off the coast of Ireland in early February. The number of Russian warships to take part in the exercise has not yet been determined, but its location is 240 km southwest of the Irish coast and in international waters.

The exercise is set to take place amid rising tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. While Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of attacking Ukraine, the West, especially the United States, has accused Moscow of trying to launch a military strike on Ukraine.

News sources reported Sunday night Tehran time that the Dutch government cited concerns over the situation in Ukraine as the reason for the move.

The Netherlands also announced that it was ready to send training advisers to Kiev and to send other military equipment to Ukraine.

As tensions on Ukraine's borders escalated, a Spanish warship with about 200 people on board also set sail for the Black Sea to bolster NATO's presence in the region.

According to the NATO website, the Spanish ship will join the NATO Naval Group (SNMG2), which includes Turkish and Italian warships. 219