The seven-a-side rugby competitions for the memorial of Martyr Lt.Gen Ghasem Soleimani were held at the Shahid Shiroodi Stadium in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: 14 teams from 12 different provinces of Iran, including Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran were present. The competition lasted two days. 

The opening ceremony was attended by Mohammad Alipour, President of the Federation of Sport Associations, Mir Mehdi Hosseini, President of the Iranian Rugby Association, Sadegh Abedin, former President of the Rugby Federation, Abbas Nategh Nouri, Secretary of the Federation of Sports Associations, along with veterans, referees and rugby coaches. The tournament was officially opened with a speech by the President of the Federation of Sport Associations.

Rugby or rugby football in its general sense includes all sports that have their roots in the kind of football that was played at a rugby school in England. Namely: 15-a-side rugby, 13-a-side rugby, American football, Australian football, and Canadian football. Of course, today rugby is referred only to the first two kinds. 219