Pres. Raisi:

Moscow (IP) - Iranian president, as part of a two-day visit to Russia in a meeting with Russian business people on Thursday, said that Iran-Russia comprehensive document of cooperation will be finalized in the near future.

Iran PressEurope: During the meeting, Ebrahim Raisi described the acquaintance with the views of economic actors in Russia as very important and said, "Familiarity of the leaders and officials of the two countries with the views of actors in the field of trade and economy can be effective in macro and strategic decisions for bilateral cooperation."

Raisi stated, "Russia has a valuable civilization and culture, and there are many capacities in Iran and Russia to develop cooperation."

Raisi mentioned the neighborliness, common interests, and enemies as reasons for the need to increase cooperation between Iran and Russia and said, "In addition to common interests, we also have common enemies who do not want growth and development in the region, but we must increase growth and development to such an extent that others cannot infiltrate this region to achieve their political and cultural goals."

Emphasizing the need for reviewing the trade situation due to the low volume of trade between the two countries, the President said, "We must identify and eliminate problems and obstacles with a pathological view."

Referring to the meeting with his Russian counterpart, Raisi said, "In that meeting, we discussed bilateral, regional and international issues, and Mr. Putin and I agreed that the capacities of cooperation between Iran and Russia should be better used, the north-south corridor should be activated to solve the problems facing economic actors."

Emphasizing the need for change in the monetary and banking system between Iran and Russia, the President said, "To solve this problem, the central banks of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia can agree to activate the banks of Iran and Russia in both countries so that economic actors can easily exchange money and do their finances."

Referring to the proposal of one of the participants to create a platform for recognizing the capacities of the provinces of Iran and Russia, the President said, "Introducing these capacities is important and by solving customs problems, economic actors should not face an obstacle in customs affairs."

Raisi described the positions of the Presidents of Iran and Russia as close and with many common grounds and said, "Preparations have been made for the finalization of the comprehensive document on Iran-Russia cooperation."

At the same meeting, Igor Morozov, Chairman of the Iran-Russia Friendship Group at the Russian Federation Council, said, "Your visit to Russia and meeting with Vladimir Putin will stimulate economic relations between the two countries, but our provinces have little information about Iran and action should be taken in this regard."


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