Moscow (IP) - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi met and holds talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Iran PressEurope: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who arrived in Moscow on Wedensday, met and held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Two leaders discussed bilateral relations in politics and economy and the conditions of joint projects.

Also, regional and international issues like current talks in Vienna for lifting sanctions on Iran were on the agenda of the meeting.

Tehran - Moscow strategic relations with no limitation

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said at a meeting that Iran and Russia have good cooperation experience.

"We have a very good experience of cooperation with the Russian Federation in the fight against terrorism in the region, such a very good experience can create the preconditions for us to apply this experience in many other areas," Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told Putin.

"We have no limitation for expansion and development of ties with Russia and are after establishment of strategic relations with Moscow," the Iranian President said during the meeting on Wednesday.

Adding to his remarks, President Raisi said, "Documents of strategic cooperation can outline the horizon of the countries' relations over 20 years."

"We are after increasing the volume of commercial ties with Russia and will expend much effort in this area," he noted. 

The Iranian President hailed the countries' anti-terror efforts in support of Syria as a shared experience that can serve as a basis for the Russo-Iranian relations."

Raisi, meanwhile, said Tehran was in the midst of efforts aimed at removing the US' illegal and unilateral sanctions.

"We hope that these efforts would lead to the removal of the sanctions," he said, adding, however, the threat of sanctions cannot limit Iran's progress."

Putin, for his part, expressed delight to meet his Iranian counterpart, hailing that the two sides have been in constant communication since Raeisi's inauguration last year.

He acknowledged Tehran and Moscow's contribution to Syria for overcoming terrorist threats."

The Russian head of state further noted how the two countries' officials have been paying "special attention" to the situation in Afghanistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that despite the pandemic, there is an increase in trade between Russia and Iran, increasing by 38%.

Raisi and his high-ranking delegation were officially welcomed by the Russian Energy Minister of Russia and Chairman of the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission Nikolay Shulginov and Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov upon arrival at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport on Wednesday.

Ebrahim Raisi, in the first step of the trip, met with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, on Wednesday evening.

Attending and addressing the Duma, meeting with Iranians residing in Russia, and meeting with Russian economic actors will be part of the President's plans for the two-day trip.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Petroleum, and Economic Affairs and Finance accompanying Raisi on the trip.

A trip to promote neighborhood and regional diplomacy

Speaking on Wednesday before leaving for Russia at Mehrabad Airport, Raisi noted that his trip to Russia is aimed at the promotion of neighborhood and regional diplomacy, "We seek to establish and strengthen relations with all neighbors, especially Russia in various fields, and this trip can be a turning point to improve and strengthen relations with Russia."

Raisi said: "Cooperation and talks between the two important, powerful and influential countries can be effective in improving regional security and economic and trade relations."

Referring to Iran's membership in the Shanghai Summit and partnership with Russia, he said, "Beside from Shanghai organization, Russia also plays a key role in the Eurasian Union, and cooperation between the two countries in this regard can lead to effective steps to promote trade and economic issues."

Stating that Iran and Russia have common interests, Raisi said, "The existence of common and interactive interests between Tehran and Moscow in the region provides security and will prevent unilateralism."

President Raisi said: "The trade and economic cooperation level between two countries needs to be upgraded to a much higher level. We hope that this trip will be an effective step towards securing the common interests of the two countries, which are influential in the regional and global fields."

It is the first meeting between two leaders since President Raisi took office in August 2021.


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