In a warning shot to President Biden and incumbents up for re-election this fall, coronavirus-fatigued and inflation-impacted voters in Democrat-leaning New York state think the country is going bad, a new survey reveals.

Iran PressAmerica: The Siena College poll released Tuesday found that 57 percent of Empire State voters said the United States was heading in the wrong direction.

Only 31 percent of registered voters said the country was on the right track.

Even registered Democrats were split — only 46 percent of respondents from Biden’s party in New York said the country was heading in the right direction under his guidance and 44 percent said its conditions were getting worse.

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans and 69 percent of voters not affiliated with a party said the US is going down the wrong track.

The sour notes cut across all regional, racial, and income levels.

More voters than not said America was going bad in Democrat-dominated New York City, 47 percent wrong vs. 41 percent right.

In the suburbs and upstate, about two-thirds said their country was heading in the wrong direction.

The dour mood of the electorate could have implications for turnout in this fall’s midterm elections. The party of the president usually loses congressional seats in midterm elections.

The lack of confidence in America’s condition cut across all racial and income levels.

Voters’ views of New York state’s direction weren’t much better in the latest survey — 41 percent said it was on the right track compared to 43 percent who said it was headed in the wrong direction.

The poll did not ask why respondents had a negative view of America’s condition. But New Yorkers, like all Americans, have been grappling with the coronavirus’ Omicron surge and increased inflationary costs while observing partisan wrangling in DC.

The survey queried 806 registered voters between January 9 and 13 and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

The same survey found Gov. Kathy Hochul with a commanding lead in the Democratic primary for the Executive Mansion.