Tehran (IP) - The first trial session of Habib Farjullah Chaab, nicknamed Habib Asyud, the ringleader of the outfit Harakat al-Nezal, was held in Branch 26 of the Islamic Revolution court on Tuesday morning, chaired by Judge Afshari.

Iran PressIran News: During the first trial session of Farajullah Chaab, nicknamed Habib Asyud, the ringleader of the group Harakat al-Nidal, the group behind the 2018 deadly terror attack in the city of Ahvaz, headed by Judge Afshari Vaziri, the prosecutor's representative stated the bill of indictment, saying: "He is from Khuzestan, he has a riotous spirit and has a sense of revenge due to having contacts with unrighteous people."

The representative of the prosecutor referred to the actions of the defendant and said: "Harakat al-Nidal terrorist outfit has carried out its terrorist acts since 2006 by bombing the governorate of Ahvaz, bombing in the management and budget program organization of Khuzestan province, bombing in the housing and urban planning department of Ahvaz, bombing in the environment department of Ahvaz."

Also, the bombing of Khuzestan oil and gas transmission lines and the bombing of Abadan Mahshahr and Ahvaz oil transmission lines were carried out by his terrorist team.

He continued: "The Harakat al-Nidal terrorist outfit carried out a terrorist act on September 22, 2018, during a parade of the armed forces on the Holy Defense Week, in which 25 of our compatriots were martyred, including a child, and 70 others were wounded."

Additionally, some European and Arab countries did not extradite him during the past years, despite their ability.

Several families of these terrorist crimes' victims were also present at the scene, holding photos of their martyrs, who suffered a nervous breakdown while showing some of the defendant's crime videos.

The continuation of the bill of the indictment of this defendant will continue in the subsequent trial sessions.


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