South Korea must also pay disbursement on its debts: ex-Amb.

Tehran (IP)- "South Korea's debt to Iran is much more than $ 8 billion, and Seoul must compensate financial damages Iran faced over eight years delay in recieving its money, ," said the former Iranian ambassador to South Korea.

Iran PressAsia: South Korea owes about $ 8 billion to purchase gas condensate from Iran, which it has refused to pay since 2018 under the pretext of the US sanctions.

Western media claim that the country needs the permission of the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to repay the debt.

Fereydoun Entezari said: "Korea has benefited a lot from blocking Iran's assets, and should compensate damages that inflicted on Iran."

"The Korean government follows US policies and it is needed that to be deal with decisively," he said. 


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