Tehran (IP) - 'Mohajer-6 UAV' is a metamorphosis in the overall design of the Mohajer UAV family. This time it seems that Iranian defense experts have taken a look at one of the best European tactical drones called "Falco," made in Italy.

Iran PressIran news: Mohajer-6 is a high-wing drone, meaning that its wing is mounted on the upper part of the fuselage, but its Twin-boom shape is similar to the Mohajer 4. The figure of the fuselage shows similarities with the Italian Falco UAV, although Mohajer has six more elongated fuselages.

The landing gear of this drone has a simple design and is not collapsible. It seems that the low production price has been one of the goals of the Mohajer-6 project.

The 3-bladed propeller motor is located at the immigrant body 6. The appearance of these blades is different from previous types, and they probably produce less sound or more force, which have replaced the previous designs.

The wings of Mohajer-6 are of a simple rectangular type with an asymmetrical horn, to which the double tails of the UAV, like other species of the Mohajer family, are attached.

The composite body of this drone reduces its radar reflection.

Mohajer-6 drone, which is one of the leading military products of Iran in the field of drones, has a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg, a length of 5.5 m, a wing width of 10 m, a flight ceiling of 18,000 feet, and a speed of 200 km / h. The range of this guided bird is approximately 2,000 km, which is used to monitor day and night and track and pursue targets.

Mohajer-6 is able to operate in a variety of operations against fixed and moving targets with respect to the possession of guided weapons.

The drone can carry 40 kilograms of weapons in its wing hangars and fire "smart diamond missiles" and "vertical guided bombs."

Mohajer-6 is one of the most advanced and efficient guided UAVs in the field of surveillance using electro-optical, laser, infrared detection systems, electronic enemy interception systems, electronic warfare, interceptor system, and automatic detection, automatic flight, and landing system.

A stabilized electro-optical system is installed under the body of the Mohajer-6 and behind the front landing gear, which looks like a kind of eagle 10 system. This system can monitor day and night by tracking and pursuing the desired goals. A front-facing camera is also installed inside the nose of this drone.

Mohajer-6 uses the same optical system used by Shahed 129. This optical system can start the search to find the target from a distance of 12 km and lock on it from 10 km in day view camera mode. Of course, this camera also has a laser pointer and infrared vision system, which is used to guide laser or infrared ammunition.

Define a new mission

In a significant action, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has defined the mission of detecting and disrupting radar systems for Mohajer 6 drones so that these drones can also act to suppress the enemy's air defense.

It seems that the essential capability of disrupting and suppressing the enemy's air defense has also been added to the capabilities of Mohajer 6. Two systems, "Tiam 1400" and "Taha 1400," are intended for installation on this drone.

The first system, the Tiam 1400, is a radar detection and warning system that weighs less than 5 kilograms. After conducting reconnaissance operations, transmits information about enemy radar to the Taha 1400 electronic warfare system.

The Taha 1400 system weighs about 6 kilograms and is capable of disrupting enemy radars. Both systems can be mounted on helicopters and manned fighters due to their lightweight and size.

The images of the Mohajer 6 drone, which can carry up to 4 vertical bombs. Assuming the installation of two systems, Taha 1400 and Tiam 1400, on this UAV, a weight of about 10 to 11 kg will be completed from the set of 40 kg with this UAV, but it can still be said that this UAV is capable of carrying at least two guided bombs.

Combining these two radar detection and interceptor systems with vertical remote-controlled bombs could make the drone a staunch enemy for short-range air defense systems. 


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